Ancient love letters: 22-23 March 2018 
University of Leeds: Baines Wing, Seminar Room G.37 (ground floor) 

Thursday 22 March 
10.30 Welcome 
Dr Emma Stafford, Senior Lecturer in Classics, Deputy Head of School (Languages, Cultures, and Societies) 
Dr Owen Hodkinson (Leeds) and Professor Tiziana Drago (Bari), Conference organisers 
10.45 Opening remarks and discussion: Love Letters and Erotic Letters in Antiquity and Beyond 
(Aims of Research Network and Project; Definitions; Corpus) – Owen Hodkinson & Tiziana Drago 
Read in advance: ‘Position Paper’ for the project 
11.30 Coffee break 
12.00 Professor Rafael Gallé Cejudo (Cadiz) “Mapping some of the generic borders of the Greek love letter”/ “Trazando algunas de las fronteras genéricas de la carta de amor griega” 
13.00 Lunch 
14.00 Dr Andrew Morrison (Manchester) “Order and structure in the Letters of Philostratus” 
14.40 Antonios Pontoropoulos (Uppsala) “Erotic correspondences: Issues of structure and organization in the Philostratean Erotic Letters 
15.20 Tea break 
15.40 Dr Émeline Marquis (Alexander von Humboldt Foundation) “Alciphron: the erotic letters in the spotlight” 
16.20 Professor Melissa Funke (Winnipeg) “Epistolarity, eroticism, and agency: the female voice in fictional Greek love letters” 
17.00 Pub (to be decided) 
18.30 Drinks reception followed by Conference Dinner. University House 
Friday 23 March 
10.30 Professor Lucio Del Corso (Cassino) “In a sentimental mood? Love, sex, marriage (and other catastrophes) in personal letters (and everyday documents) from Graeco-Roman Egypt” 
11.20 Coffee break 
11.40 Professor Ewen Bowie (Oxford) “Letters before letters” 
12.20 Yvonne Rösch (Bonn) “Great expectations: Love letters in Ovid’s Amores 1.11–1.12 and Lucian’s Dialogues of the Courtesans 10” 
13.00 Lunch 
14.00 Professor Tiziana Drago (Bari) “The Letters of Aristaenetus: Hyperliterary, intertextuality and formalized erotic language” 
15.00 Tea break 
15.20 Dr Owen Hodkinson (Leeds) “Philostratus and Latin elegy revisited” 
16.00 Professor Steven D. Smith (Hofstra University, New York) “Is Diogenes in love with a eunuch? The erotic subtext of Theophylact Simocatta Ep. 43” 
16.40 Closing remarks (future plans) – Owen Hodkinson & Tiziana Drago 
17.00 Close